Youth Work

At HMS we are proud to have so many younger members and feel this gives our society a unique energy and approach that helps our work stand out from the crowd. We are also proud of the family feeling we have at HMS and new members soon feel part of this. HMS youth are taught by members of the adult society; many of whom are teachers, headteachers and ex-professional performers, so the children really are given a high quality of training.

The centrepiece of our youth work is the HMS Summer Project which takes place every August and culminates in a production at the Winston Churchill Theatre. During Summer Project over 100 children between the ages of 4 and 16 come together for a week to learn songs, script and routines alongside arts and crafts (and the world famous tuck shop!) before performing a show at the end of the week. The show is cast and put together in four days, which is an impressive feat for such young performer! They are aided by members of the adult society and a regular production team which helps to foster the HMS family feeling we are so proud of.


There is a natural progression from Summer Project and we now have 15 members of the full society who started in Summer Project. This grounding gives them a head start in performing as they have acquired and developed the skills necessary to flourish in our regular full productions. More recently the large number of teenage members meant the society was able to start up an additional group called HMS Teens which mounted their first full production in August 2015, Les Miserables. The show was a tremendous success and showcased the amount of young talent we have available and the brilliant work done to make sure these young performers have the skills and confidence to undertake such a technically difficult show. The younger members of HMS are often invited to one-off workshops such as our Frozen workshop last year that was attended by over 150 children. The regularly get a chance to meet for social events of their own such as Halloween discos, Christmas parties, theme park trips, theatre visits and more.

Family and togetherness is a key theme at HMS and we would love to welcome you to our family and to have you join us on stage in the future frgeerg

Safeguarding Officer: Alison Whittall

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